Minecraft Valentines

My boys love playing Minecraft.  For hours.  And if they aren't playing it, (and I still don't get this!) they're watching YouTube videos of other kids playing Minecraft.  What is up with that?!?

It's been on my to-do list for a while now to make them Minecraft Valentines but by the time I get to thinking about it, I'm knee-deep into making everyone else their Valentines before the big class party.  So before all the craziness this year, I finally finished one.  And they were really excited about the TNT chocolate wrapper, which I think turned out pretty cute!  Take a look!

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Minecraft Valentine -- Kids Custom Photo Valentines -- Modbog on Etsy


Summer Passport

A wonderful help to our summer days are some of these little Summer Passports that I make for my boys.  They help with giving them some structure to their days, of what is expected without me yelling out reminders.  The boys love them and so do I.  This year, I added a few items.  Specifically the attitude gradient :)

The goal for this summer: after they finish their journal, chores, reading and other practices (like the trumpet for one boy and hooked on phonics for another), all with a good attitude, they will earn their one hour of screen time.  And after the week and a hopefully filled up Passport, I will happily dole five dollar bills.  The boys are looking forward to earning some money and also filling out their Passports.

Summer, we're ready!


The Best Kids Valentines Day Cards

For the past few years, I have been making my boys their class Valentine cards.  Honestly, it has been easier than taking them to the store to all pick out their own.  (Can you tell that I loathe going to the store with four boys?)  Plus, they're always a huge hit with the other kids.

I generally always make some version of a photo of them holding a piece of candy.  This year, I was far enough ahead to do something that we all actually loved.  So I put it up on my Etsy shop.  I have been busy making them for my nieces and nephews and kids around the country that find them on my Etsy shop, which has been so much fun.

My favorite story from last year's Valentines was when a kid in my oldest's class came up to him holding his photo Valentine card, completely stunned and just asked, "How?!"  It's so funny that kids in 3rd grade don't know about Photoshop yet.  It just looks like magic at that age.  Maybe that's why I love making them every year :) 


Birthday Coloring Cards

These pictures were created at my kitchen table as I sat doodling with my boys on rainy afternoons.  From there they turned into a pile of birthday cards that sit in our office, awaiting upcoming birthdays.  My boys now love to to each pick one out, color and write a special note to a friend, cousin, aunt, uncle or grandparent for their birthday.  But honestly, I think I love them the most.  I get some special moments watching my boys create their own special birthday message for a loved one and the big plus is that I don't have to make a trip to the store with four boys in tow to find and purchase a card.  Wins everywhere!

To make your own birthday cards, draw some birthday sketches or better yet, have your kids draw some.  If you have the tools, scan them into your computer and place the image two times on the right hand side of a normal 8 1/2 x 11 inch document.  Then you can print onto card stock and cut the page in half.  They are so easy to make and will turn into such great reprints for years to come.

If you'd like a digital version of these, check them out here.  Print as many as you'd like for years to come.