The Best Kids Valentines Day Cards

For the past few years, I have been making my boys their class Valentine cards.  Honestly, it has been easier than taking them to the store to all pick out their own.  (Can you tell that I loathe going to the store with four boys?)  Plus, they're always a huge hit with the other kids.

I generally always make some version of a photo of them holding a piece of candy.  This year, I was far enough ahead to do something that we all actually loved.  So I put it up on my Etsy shop.  I have been busy making them for my nieces and nephews and kids around the country that find them on my Etsy shop, which has been so much fun.

My favorite story from last year's Valentines was when a kid in my oldest's class came up to him holding his photo Valentine card, completely stunned and just asked, "How?!"  It's so funny that kids in 3rd grade don't know about Photoshop yet.  It just looks like magic at that age.  Maybe that's why I love making them every year :)